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About us

Shanghai Rona  Management Consulting Co.,LTD.
Is one of the most outstanding strategy and management consulting companies in China!

Mission of Our CompanyOur mission is to help enterprises and organizations to improve both their performance and efficiency to
stimulate the rapid, sustained and healthy development of social economy.

In the past eight years, our major partners and teams provided professional consulting of strategy management service for thousands of Chinese and foreign companies, such as the world 500 enterprises, China 500 strong enterprises, listed companies and the leading companies of different industries. We have won great reputation among consumers for our high-end service.

On company management, we adopt dual mechanism: the joint management of founding partner and limited liability partner. On funds and talents, we prefer more open and beneficial union of investment and strategic cooperation.

The Seven Fields of Our Business

Strategic Management

Marketing Consulting


Education Training


Management and Design

Financial Media

Contact us

Shanghai Rona  Management Consulting Co.,LTD.

Telephone:021-54482037 54482627Fax:021-54482037-827

Sevice phone:013012869434

Address:Room 1902,E Block, GuangDa Conference &Exhibition Center, NO.82,Caobao Road, xuhui District,Shanghai City


E-mail: [email protected]    / Human Resources: [email protected]

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